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[safari plus]Original title: Yuan Peng=-•: Looking at the United States from the big debate to Chinas strategy to the current, an unprecedented big debate on the end of the Cold War, the big reflection, the big adjustment is being staged in the United States. The participants, political, academic▲▪, business○•, and military circles have never intervened it▼☆; the widespread, from economic and trade, safety to humanities-▲, technology is almost omnipotent; the degree is deep, the debate is a topic, that is, the United States Chinas strategy is not needed to come to a fundamental big adjustment. The United States is different from the past, and this big debate is Dynasty Dance, the government will lead to the same stage, the government personally leads◆☆◁▷, and is tuned△•. The White House △△”National Security Strategic Report★◇▷” will open Chinas qualitative as ●•◆”strategic competitors”, and announce the past to completely fail to China; the Pentagon ■▽▷-“National Defense Strategic Report△□◆-” claims the primary concern of US securi☆•▷◇.

Original title=▪: Li Xiaomu talks about the high quality index system: let the peoples subjective feelings■▪, can directly affect the official behavior of officials: Li Dai said▲☆, ◁•…◁”can give some way•☆, partially consider the subjective feelings of local residents, such as independent of the superior units Investigate the subjective feelings of local residents, as an indicator for assessing local officials. Let the subjective feelings of the people can directly affect the behavior of officials. “This year, the governments work report refers to a major change in economic structure, and the consumption contribution rate is improved by 54.9%. To 58.8%, the specific gravity of the service industry rose from 45.3% to 51○▽▷.6%, and has become the active force of economic growth. In this regard, the National Committee of the CPPCC, the well-known economist Li Dadu, this years consumer market will continue to rise along the trend of the past few years. ▽•▽”Unlike investment, consumption is !

Original title: Xian “buy a house shake” 8 people were dismissed▼▷•▪: Who created a list of relationships□◁○▲? Source: Jin Yun News boiled “Xian Purchase Household Relationship Household” incident has the latest progress: On the evening of the 2nd…-▽, the Changan District Government issued the processed results of this matter through official Weibo “@ Changan☆△”, surveyed, there are 35 The public officials are requested by the purchaser△=☆, giving the relevant personnel of the “South Changan Street No.” project department “say hello”, causing adverse effects-▽. 8 people were dismissed, 5 people were severely warned in the party△▼★, and 8 people were remembered□★, and 14 were remembered★◆▪■, and 6 were adjusted at the same time▷▽◁△. After the exposure of May 24, Jin Yun news launched a survey. After a few days of visiting, in addition, the “processing results◆○▲-” of this words★▪-•,□◆.

Editors note: Endorse △◁”14th Five-Year Plan…▪▪”, move towards new journey-▷△▪, we launched ☆▪”Go to our 2035 · hundred question and answer” column=◁▲•, detail the national development blueprint, strive to focus on peoples livelihood-…-, and grasp the future pulsation. No○▲◁.52: How to improve the state-owned asset supervision system mainly during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period? [Editor: Tian Boqu black and red flannel jacket shirts for sublimation – sublimation t-shirts vintage jean jacket mens denim jeans wholesalers usa!!