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[compression wear]Original title: In-depth grasp the new era of fulfilling social responsibility (Xinzhi Xinji) Wang Xiaomu Partys 19th National Report made ■○◇”Chinese characteristics socialism into the new era”□•▷, this is the new historical position for my countrys development Scientific judgment. Socialism with Chinese characteristics entered the new era. my countrys economic development has also entered the new era●◆★=. The basic characteristics is that our economy has turned from high-speed growth stage to high quality development phases. The new era new historical orientation and development tasks have put forward new requirements for entrepreneurs to fulfill social responsibility☆-●•. The times are progressing□••, society is developing, and companies are growing, and entrepreneurs have to advance. Entrepreneurs in the new era should not only pursue business value◇▷, create their own value in social wealth★●, but also to better reflect their own value in social responsibility. this .

Xinchang, Xining, May 27 (Sun Rui) reporter learned from the Qinghai Red Cross in the Qinghai Province●…★, the Hong Kong Red Cross will donate more than 100,000 yuan (RMB, the same) disaster relief materials for Qinghai Mado earthquake-stricken areas. The batch of materials has arrived in Mado County☆△•, Qinghai Province. On May 22, 2021, the 7.4-magnitude earthquake occurred in Qinghai Mado□•, causing fruit Luozhou Mado County△=▽●, Maqi County◁•▼▽, Banma County○○□, Gande County, Da Ri County, Yushuzhou Qu. County, known as many counties, A total of 7 counties 40 townships were affected by 35,521 people. After the earthquake, the Hong Kong Red Cross is in the disaster area. The first time is in contact with the Qinghai Red Cross, and the disaster area is urgent, the materials needed◆☆, and the disaster area has traveled togethe.

Original title: Relationship with Wikipedia, why do Americans do not understand “Chinese Dream◁★☆■” Sherriming White, this is not what he is good at○☆•=. He is an American▼…■, he does not know Chinese characters, he does not study politics, but he wants to tell △…▼”Chinese Dream”. Schillers genuine identity is a professor of Yale▽▼, 2013 Nobels Economics Award winner. At the China Development High-level Forum hosted by the State Council Development Research Center◇▪, this economist came a bold cross-border, made a short speech entitled “Chinese Dream and American Dream”. He is not understanding that this is not an academic report, there is no conclusion, and it is better to make confusion with it=○▷□. On November 29, 2012○…, when visiting the “Renaissance Road” exhibition in the National Museum▽□, Comrade Xi Jinping declared the ▲▼•”Chinese Dream” to the world – “realizes the Chinese nationali☆-?crossfit equipment manufacturers – hoodies china.