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[winter ski jacket factory]Original title◁☆: Headline Huawei counterattack Australia so-called ◇□▲”safe risk☆□●” speech○○▪: very different◆◆☆▼, according to Ying Ying media, China Telecom equipment enterprises have a counterattack against Australias related security risks▷▲□. It is a Government. This point of view is called “very sided” in the open letter▼▲. According to Reuters on June 18★▼□◁, recently, with Australia prepared to release tender notices on its large-scale 5G mobile communication network•△▽, it began to increase in Huaweis guess▪▷■. There is a local media report that the Australian intelligence agency recommends not to put Huawei into a list of bidding□▪◆. ▲ Reuters Chinese Network reported screenshots, this is said that the Huawei Government of John Lord and two Directors of the Australian Branch, said: “Some public sayings around China recent.

Original title▽◇•: Firmly establishing the correct selection of people to guide Xi Jinping stressed in the 19th National Congress of the Party, to adhere to the correct selection of peoples orientation, and the choice of people use people□■◆▲, this is a targeted, guiding-●▲. Using peoples orientation is the most important orientation, the unhealthy trend of people is the most harmful to political ecology. Sun Zhengcai, Bo Xilai came to the use of people to violate the partys principles-▼▽•, big engaged in crowd lines□☆▼▪, anything to do, seriously defeat eating people▪□▲▽, severely damaging the enthusiasm. Comprehensively and completely clear the influence of Sun Zhengcai and Bo Xilai, Wang Lijuns viral, the heavy weight is in accordance with central requirements and municipal committees, insist on breaking up and lifting, specimens, and resolutely control the correct selection of people to guide the tree, put the use of righteousness The wind is getting up, and the good atmosphere of the business entrepreneurship is treated. Last year.

Chinas new network Changsha May 28 (Reporter Tang Xiaoxue) How to use Internet digital technology advantages to promote urban brands=▽○, especially quality cultures=▪, and become an important issue of local government concerns and local cultural industries-▲◇. New growth. On the 28th★□, the “Yunju Millennium Card Resistance to Help Quality Culture”◆…, the “Yunju Millennium Card Resistance”, which was hosted by the Communist Party of China□-●, the propaganda department and Tencents digital publicity department. Experts in the field explore the production of new and new activities in Yongzhou Culture. Yongzhou, Yongzhou, Yongzhou, is located in the junction of Xiang Yuegui▪■▷, and is one of the worlds best in Xiangchu cultur.

Police notification # [Girl Approved Troubleshooting] On June 8▷☆•, 2018 At 17 oclock, Xiacheng Changqing police station received a college girl in Hangzhou…=▽□, saying that it should be used in a cultural media company in Xiacheng District, encounters A male staff guarded. After receiving the publication of the underlying police, he immediately launched the relevant investigation and evidence collection. After verification◁□■▽, the suspect Chens illegal act is true, and it is now punishable on the 10th day of administrative detention. Source▷▽★: Hangzhou Public Security Bureau Xiacheng District Bureau official Weibo Editor: Huo □•○◁.