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[lime jackets]Original title: Director of the National Peoples Congress, Xu Yanhao, deputy secretary of the Party Group of China Association: Science and Technology★■▲, the potential of science fiction, is too small “Our work is to serve you these science and technology workers.○★■•” March 6th, a meeting in the 13th National Peoples Congress After the groups group, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the Chinese Science and Technology Association, Xu Yanhao, secretary of the Secretary of the Chinese Science and Technology Association△■•◆, and secretary of the Director of the School of Information Medicine◁★, Electronic Science and Technology, exchanged business cards, and the two National Peoples Congress exchanged business cards, agree to continue to exchange time. “Our Association is the organization of science and technology workers.” Xu Yanhao told reporters that in his work, one is to organize scientists and scientific workers to create a better environment and work atmosphere, and solve some difficulties for them. problem. During this year, Xu Y▽▼◆.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided: Comrade Yang Xin served as the Secretary of the Party Committee•○◆▼, Standing Committee and Autonomous Region Commission for Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Source: Tianshan Net Yang Xin resume Yang Xin, male…◁•◇, May 1959, Han people★-▲▽, Shaanxi Xingping, graduate education, participation in July 1980▽◁◆, July 1980, joined the Communist Party of China. Zeng Yi Youth League Xianyang Committee, the Communist Youth League Xianyang Municipal Committee organized the Minister of Propaganda Department=◆△, the Secretary-General of the Youth Federation, Secretary-General, Deputy Director of the City Committee of the Xianyang Municipal Committee☆★, a deputy secretary of the Zhengzhiyuan●○■, the deputy secretary of the county party committee△▷◆, the deputy secretary of the Sanyan County Committee, county magistrate , The county party secretary and other positions. In November 2006, he served as the Standing Committee of Yanan Municipal Party Committee and the Secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection▷…◆•; December 2011▷▽, a deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee; December 2013▼=•◆, Ren Shaanxi Provincial Department of Straight Organizati?

Original title•☆◇: Shaanxi Xian Yanta District official website is now “Qi Qi replies” three people were dealt with Xian Yanta District: The official website is now “Qi Qi replies” three people have been dealt with the “glorious military” matters, reply ■=▲◇”Go to Bank Upgrade”…●. On August 27□■●•, the reporter learned from the Supervision Committee of the Yanta District Discipline Inspection Commission in Xian, Shaanxi Province, because this “wonderful reply”, the specific responsible person of the website, received a warning, the deputy director of the district government, was talked☆★▲●. At the same time, the deputy head of the deputy director apologizes◇◇◇. It is understood that at the end of July this year, a masses commemorated in the …▷▽”interactive exchange▲…=☆” section of the Yanta District Government website, consult the “glorious military” related matter. Originally a simple question▲•▼, I didnt expect the governments website staff□-▽▽, but when they replied, they replied, not marginal. Among them, the most wonderful o.women”s running set – wholesale sports bras.