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[black jean jacket designs]China News Agency Guiyang May 28 (Reporter Yang Wei) 2021 China International Data Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the 2021 Digital Board) Closing in Guiyang on the 28th. 3 days□▷▽, Guizhou has a total of 144 contract programs, with a total amount of 56.561 billion yuan (RMB▼○■, the same). The picture shows the main venue of the China University Data Expo◇▲▷. Qi Honglun took the 2021 exchange with •▪•◆”smart” as the annual theme, surrounding the “one meeting, a present=▲, a release, contest and series activities”. In the signing project of Guizhou Province, 94 large data fusion industry projects, contract investment amount is 43078 million yuan; large data electronic information industry project .

Zhongxin Net Fuzhou May 28 (high) On May 25 A total of 84 people were seized more than 270 tons involved in the case. On the night, the Police law enforcement workers received clues and had illegal fishing activities in the vicinity of Dongyi Island, and immediately dispatched a law enforcement boat to check. After arriving at the target sea area, law enforcement officers found that there were 2 large fishing boats on the sea★=, and they were very suspicious◇▼. After some pursuit, it successfully confessed. The law enforcement was inspected on the scene of the surrounded by the fishing season. Fuzhou Sea Police Bure.

Original title: After the 95th sister “Liaoning Ship”, when the signal soldier saw the aircraft carrier actually admitted two horsetails, wearing a cap, slightly with a small mouth, the foot before the camera, Chengdu sister Xu Salsa is full 95 Cute and Meng Meng-△•★. Like the same age☆…, she likes fresh and fun things★◆▷▲, likes to take the book at home, play the piano. Just a year ago, Xu Sassa was still short hair, dressed in practiced military uniforms, stunned in ○▷★”Liaoning Ship”, she is the most expecting thing every day, it is the hand of the hand in the △★▷”Liaoning Ship” rising▲◇, “That feeling is too proud!” Since the young Chengdu□○◇▪, when the soldiers, Xu Sass has never seen the sea★△, and after being “Liaoning Ship”, she was conquered by the vastness of the sea, “I first see To the sea, it is the sea next to Liaoning..

Zhongxin Net Guangzhou May 27 (Reporter Wang Jian) ​​Guangdong Emergency Management Office issued a message on the 27th, currently○★, the province has entered the “Dragon Boat◁◁★★” centralized rainfall◆•, continuous, wide range=◁, extremely strong The defense situation is very serious; the provinces strong precipitation is frequent in the next ten days, and the water prevention range will gradually expand, and the thunderstorm is accompanied by a short-term wind when the main situation is accompanied by a short time. Guangdong Provincial Flood Control and Drought Windproof Headquarters Office○★, the Provincial Emergency Management Office has released an announcement on defending heavy rainfall. Guangdong Meteorological Bureau forecast, from May 27th to 28th, Yuexi went to the West Side of Pearl River-■-, there was heavy rain, local heavy rain or heavy rain, and most of the city and counties have (thundered) shower local heavy rain or heavy rain; balls manufacturers down waterproof jackets factory – zip hoodie ftory, unisex tracksuits wholesale wholesale t shirts suppliers!