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[exercise ball keeps deflating]Number said that the treasure ◇◁▲△”Tibet” · 70☆•▷,000 giant changed to 600,000! Skills Training Let Tibetan Agricultural Herd Workers Experience Colorful Life Benefits in accordance with the agriculture and herds and herds of farmers, and more and more farmers and herdsmen dont have to spend most of the time in agriculture and animal husbandry production. Low efficiency labor, turn to learn new knowledge, new skills, have more choices for experience colorful life. The reporter learned that in 2021, Tibet continued to promote the “order” training of farmers and herdsmen and “work and training”•▷•-, and planned to complete the skills training, and achieved more than 600,000 employment of agricultural herders=-▪, realizing labor revenue 5 billion yuan□●□☆. Before the peaceful liberation, the people in Tibet live •◆ CONTACT US,!

Original title: Foreign media said that Trump is increasing to China Trade Battle bet▪•: maybe the sesame lost watermelon reference news network March 16 report foreign media said that the White House spokes said on the 14th that the Trump government is China is pressing, requiring China to reduce Chinas US trade surplus (1 US dollar to 6.3 yuan – this net note)★•. This clarifies that the President Trump last week. According to Reuters, on March 14th, last week, Trump has reported that China has requested that Chinas development plan will reduce US trade imbalance by $ 1 billion. The spokesperson said that Trumps intention is to say $ 10 billion. White House spokesperson did not explain in detail the Trump government hopes that Chinas goal of cutting surplus – it is enough to increase the purchase of soy or aircraft, et.

On March 5, at the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress, the Ministry of Finance •●…▽”report on the 2017 Central and local budget implementations and the 2018 Central and local budget draft”▷●. The draft budget proposes that in 2018, the central general public budget level expenditure was 3246.6 billion yuan, an increase of 8.1%. Among them, the defense expenditure is 1106.951 billion yuan, an increase of 8◆•.1%. Source: Liberation Army News Editor•▲: Guiqia?

Original title=△◆■: five departments△…: Increase a group of educational masters degree authorization points in five years, Xinyang News (Reporter Wang Jun) Recently★=■, the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission and other 5 departments issued the “Teacher Education Revitalization Action Plan (2018-2022) It is planned to increase a batch of education masterpiece authorization points, and guide relevant colleges and universities to expand the progress of education. It is planned to propose “Teacher Training Hierarchical Action”, guiding support to the undergraduate major major of teachers, and increase the training of undergraduate teachers in the schools undergraduate level. In accordance with the relevant procedures, a batch of educational masters degree authorization points is added. Guide to encourage relevant colleges and universities to expand the scale of education in education, and make overall support for graduate students from teachers education colleges. Support to explore ordinary high school teache black label denim jacket blue bella wholesale legging prints!