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[blank sweat suit wholesale]Wuan City Public Security-△◇: Chanted Li Lijuans deposit of more than 20 million suspected fraud, etc. From my (Wuan) municipal public security organs△•…-, on May 5, 2018, the public security organs were criminally detained by Li Lijuan with suspected extortion. Measures▼▲•○. There are now 45 bank accounts under Li Lijuan, with RMB 20259846.75 yuan☆=□, US $ 25•…□,500 yuan. Recently, the renminbi cash is 113 million yuan, and the US dollar cash is 34,000 yuan. In his accommodation, 8 hospital diagnosis certificates were seized■◁•★, and 3 of them were already confirmed by the forged seal, and the remaining 5 were reopened☆○…. As of now, after verification of the public security organ◆■○■, Li Lijuan has been suspected of extortion, falsifying the crime of stamp, fraud●▼…, gatheri.

Original title◁▼: Ma Xiaowei was appointed director of the National Health Committee: Explorer picture from the reform of the University Hospital Source◆▲-□: Visual China March 19th, the 13th National Peoples Congress, a meeting of voting, and decided Ma Xiaowei as director of the National Health and Health Committee. Subsequently, the President Xi Jinping signed the chairman, appointing the 59-year-old Ma Xiaowei as director of the National Health and Health Committee▽▷●. He is about to face a newly established department. After integrating the health functions of multiple administrative departments, the main responsibility of the newly established National Health and Health•◇□, the development of national health policies▼★◁, coordinating the development of the medical and health system reform, organizing the national basic drug system, supervising and management of public health, medical Service, health emergency▼○★◁, responsible for family planning management and service work, planning to address aging, medical combination polici.

Original title: Xian launched a special rectification of commercial housing transaction order, severely crack down on internal listings▽●◇▲, etc▽□-□. Source★▼◇: Western Network May 25□…▲, Xian Housing Security and Housing Authority official WeChat release notice■▼-, will carry out special rectification activities of commercial housing transaction order in the city Severely crack down on real estate development enterprises false shake■□▽◇, internal listings▼▲▷=, set the preferences such as restrictive conditions•○▷◁, unsupport△▼▲, avoid regulatory policies, manufacturing market panic-•▲▪, etc★★. to disturb the market order. In order to maintain the order of the real estate market▼△, ensure the right to know●■☆, choose the right to know…◆, choose the right to know●◁▽, the right to choose the real estate market environment-▲, our bureau decided to carry out special rectification activities of commercial housing transaction order in the city▷•☆☆, and severely crack down on real estate development enterprises. Internal listings▪•◇, set the full price and other restrictive condition◇●.

Original title: Guo Anshi Jiangxi Yingtan Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Cao Shu Min no longer served on March 28th, Yingtan City held the citys leading cadre conference, and Xu Nankai, executive deputy director of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, attended the meeting and speaking, and the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, Zou Shaohui, a Director of Cadres•▷…▪, announced the decision of the provincial party committees main leadership of Yingtan Municipal Party Committee: Comrade Guo An Ren Yingtan Municipal Committee, Standing Committee▼□▲, Secretary▽☆-; Solve Cao Shu Min Ji Yingtan Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Standing Committee, and Commission. Source◇■: WeChat public account “Jiangxi Group Wait-News” Editor: Chu Xiaoh▪-?

Zhongxin Net Chengdu May 28 (Du Cheng) China Securities Supervision and Management Committee Sichuan Supervision Bureau (hereinafter referred to as “Sichuan Securities Regulatory Bureau-□★▼”) revealed that the bureau recently released the “Western Securities Co•◆.▽•■, Ltd★•. The decision of measures “said that there were a number of violations in Huaxi Securities Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as” Huaxi Securities -○▪”) in on-site inspection, so decided to adopt administrative supervision measures for police letters□-▽. ◆●”Decision” said that Huaxi Securities As the main underwriters and trusted managers in Nanning Sugar Co▲△▼◁., Ltd◇◇△., the owner of non-public issued company bonds★•△▼, there is no continued attention to issuers credit status, when the bond credit rating chang.