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as colour manufacturer down waterproof jackets custom,[bulk winter coats]Buy continuously! What is the direction of the Northern funds in Jiao? The Shanghai Index is strong in the four-year-old, successful breaks through 3,600 points. The north is re-placed again, and the net bought is 14.6 billion yuan. At the same time, MSCI completed quarterly adjustments, and a group of new companies included. At this time△▷, everyone is most concerned about□☆, maybe it is the important direction of the north to Jiaojing? Since May 25, the north has begun to buy A shares in the Northern Fund▽◇☆☆, and it is more than 2 billion yuan in the 25th, and the net bought 9 billion yuan on the 26th. Yesterday◁□, the north is still not slowing down. According to the oriental wealth network data, the Shanghai stock purchase is 6.338 billion yuan•□, and the Shenzhen share net purchase is 8.289 billion yuan, and the net purchase is up to▲▷△◇.

Original title=▪=: What is the situation! “If You Are the One▪•★” is selling••□, “Chinas blind date variety show extremely close to life”■•★◆. “Large Life Service Program” “Large Life Service Program” “If You Are the One” is considered in China. But recently●▪, this domestic old variety is actually fired abroad◁▷▪-. The British “Daily Mail” written on March 5th◆□▲, a blind date from China, a variety show from China…◆••, because of its ☆◁”joy and honesty,☆▷”●•, ” According to the report, this file is a variety of competition characteristics in a group of single women and a single man who is characterized by a competition, and is won the favor of the audience of Western countries○□◇. In the version seen in the foreign audience★▪, the guests participating in the blind date is also Mandarin●◇, but in the scree grey flannel jacket!

Original title●…▽●: The Standing Committee of the CPPCC held a meeting of Jilin speech: Beijing CPPCC June 21st to 22nd▪★☆★, the CPPCC held a third meeting of the Third Committee of the 13th Committee, revisiting the “Building Global Influence Science and Technology Innovation Center) Provide new movement for the high quality development of the capital to conduct a special negotiation. The President of the Cities of the Cities of the CPPCC speaks. This meeting was a Burgian Standing Committee▪=◇=. The meeting heard the topic counseling report of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, deputy mayor Yin and Jun. The CPPCC has committed a special team to discuss, Wang Gaofei, He Zhiqiang, Sun Ziqiang, Qi Xiangdong and other 12 members of the General Assembly, put forward the importance of primitive innovation▪▽=◇, strengthen overseas high-end talents, and realize ○◆△=”enterprises whistle, service report△■◁■”◇△▼, Establish a new research and development agency to improve the intellectual property service syst polyester bulk shirts●☆-!