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[wholesale junior ski jacket]Original title: Taiwan defense department: nearly 50 Chinese liberation army ships have passed the Taiwan Strait Plan source: United Daily newspaper on July 22, according to Taime media reports, Taiwan defense department sources pointed out that the Liberation Army Navy Ship has passed the Taiwan Strait, two days The total number of ships through the Taiwan Strait will be nearly 50, including the “Chinese God Shield…◆” destroyer. According to the “United Daily report” quantiase, the Navy Ship, the Liberation Army▲★…, the Navy Ship□…, suddenly opened by the Taiwan Strait, high-speed through the Taiwan Strait=■○•, through the Taiwan Strait, through the Taiwan Strait, nearly 50 According to reports, there is a large ship, including the PLA East Sea Fleet▼△, such as 052C / 052D “China God Shield” destroyer, and other models of large tonnes◁◆▪☆, almost a!

China New Network reported on the US Chinese network reported that the local time on the 25th▲•, a federal judge of the United States dismissed the prosecution of the chief strategist Stephen Bannong, the former President Trump, the prosecution alleged that he participated in one. The deceived crowdfunding activities are built in the southern border of the United States. Data Map■•-: Former US President Trump. According to reports, Trump included Sannong in the list of personally pardon who left in January. After Bannong was pardon, the US prosecutor asked the US judge Torres to distinguish between Bannong from the case, rather than completely rejection of prosecution. Torres chooses to support the demands of the class farmers•…○•, saying that she makes the prosecution decision based on the legal precedent. Torres wrote▽★◇: “Do 90 polyester shirts!

The newly established Central Radio and TV Station officially unveiled on the morning of the 19th. According to the “Deepening Party and National Institutional Reform Plan”▪•●-, the CCTV (China International TV Station)△☆, the Central Peoples Broadcasting Station◇☆◇, China International Broadcasting Station•△, and the establishment of Central Radio and Television True Taiwan, as the State Council directly affiliated institutions▲▷, and the leadership of the Central Propaganda Department. The original call number is retained, and the unified number of call numbers is “China Voice▲▼●◁”. Editor in charge: Huo ▲△■.

Original title: Senior officials who were named with Lu Wei□▽★•, were batch “enjoy the emperor treatment•-◆” Source◆□▷: Changan Street▷◆, I wrote a text North is shooting, I have been on the road. Warning “four winds” issues, curb privileged ideas, and the party journals are constantly reminding all levels of cadres. Changan Street, IT (WeChat ID…□★: CapitalNews) noted that two senior officials who were criticized by the latest issue of “China Discipline Inspection Magazine” journalist, have triggered a wide concern when they were investigated. Among them◇□=, it is recognized as “central qualitative use of the word most embarrass-◆△…” – the former deputy minister of the former Central Propaganda Department…☆, Lu Wei○▲•, director of the Central Newsletter of China, was frequently entitled to the private club, and the privilege, The style is rude□•, and it is special. Lu Wei (data map) and Lu Wei were named in April 20.

Original title: The first two giants of the central enterprises have merged, the leadership team debut: Changan Street Introduce, the first two giants of the national-owned committee of the State-owned Commission, the Nuclear and Nuclear Construction announced the merger, and restructuring is a new Nuclear Group. However■…▼▪, the new leadership team did not appear together, time for half a year○◁. Changan Street, IT (WeChat ID◁▷•: Capitalnews) notes that the answer is finally announced yesterday: the general manager of the China Nuclear Player Yu Jianfeng Ren Xin Group Chairman□□, the general manager of the China Nuclear Construction, Wang Shoujun◆◁◇, the general manager of the China Nuclear, Wang Shoujun. From left to right: Gu Jun●=□=, Wang Shoujun…●☆…, the Party Committee of the State-owned Assets Supervision◆★•, Hao Peng•○▪, the deputy director of the Ministry of China, and Yu Jianfeng friends know that large-scale central enterprises have two “people”. In recent years=★▼◆, central companies come togeth diy letterman jacket!canadian leather coats – wholesa customlothing vendors white tshirts bulk,