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[canadian wholesale clothing distributors]Original title: Focus on the law•△▲○: The primary responsibility of the Supervision Committee is to supervise the “We are doing a lot of work, it is the daily Lara sleeve◁◁○…”, a wake-up work is the work of supervision▽○▪, it is to prevent people from committing a small mistake Big mistakes. -▽☆•”On the morning of March 5, Yang Xiaotu, Minister of the Supervision△▼, said in the” Ministerial Channel “to deepen the national inspection system reform, the reporter is expressed••. The draft monitoring law stipulates that the main function of the monitoring organs is to monitor all public officials of public power, investigate the illegal and duty crimes, carry out integrity construction and anti-corruption work, and maintain the dignity of the Constitution and the law. It can be seen that deepening the reform of the national monitoring system, and realizes the full coverage of public officials who use public powers used. First of all, supervise the full coverage rather than handling the whole coverage, the supervisory mandamin is not a simple offic▼●•.

The 19th National Report emphasizes: ensuring national food security, and the Chinese peoples rice bowls are in their hands. How do I treat the current food security situation in my country? How to advance in the development of food circulation reform, providing strong support for building a new era of food security system? How to adapt to the main contradiction between society, meet the new needs of the promotion of grain and oil consumption in the people? The reporter has recently interviewed the Director of the National Grain and Material Reserve Bureau. Reporter: Socialism with Chinese characteristics enter the new era, how to look at the current food security situation▪●▼○? Zhang Waute: The people take food for the sky▽△-▪, and they eat○▼. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of my country But as a big country of more than 1△△=.3 billion, when is food security?

Original title: (Education) Ministry of Education: After the end of 2018, all school training institutions completed all school training institutions to rectify Xinhua News Agency, Beijing August 23 (Reporter Hu Hao) Ministry of Education, Director, Director, Director☆•, 23rd★●, 23◇●, as of August 20■-, National It has touched 382,000 foreign training institutions, of which 259=▲☆•,000 have been found▪▽•◆, and 45,000. In the second half of the year, the Ministry of Education will increase the intensity of rectification and supervision and supervision with relevant departments, and ensure that all training institutions have completed the rectification work of all training institutions before the end of 2018. In recent years, some school training institutions have carried out “test” training in violation of education teaching laws and quality education, interfere with normal education teaching and enrollment in enrollment, and increases students extracurricular burden▪★▪◆. In February this year, the Ministry of Education will jointly issue a notice with relevant department◇◇•.